Brooke basks in the hot sun in a perfect biкini

Brooke lounges in the sun in a flawless bikini.

On a family vacation in the heat, Brooke looked lovely with her identical daughter Rowan and husband Chris.

When Brooke Shields shared a few pictures on Instagram on Wednesday, she seemed to be showing no signs of slowing down after years of captivating people with her beauty.

In pictures from a family trip to Turks & Caicos, the 57-year-old Calvin Klein underwear model looked lovely.

With her husband Chris Henchy, whom she married in 2001, and their two lovely daughters, Grier, 16, and Rowan, 19, Brooke took part in a funny parasailing adventure while enjoying the sun.

In a handful of the pictures, Brooke lent her modeling abilities by posing in a stylish white bikini.

She appeared to be a twin to her lovely daughter Rowan, who has experience in the modeling industry, in another picture. In the last image of the carousel, Brooke appeared anxious as she was strapped into her parasailing equipment before taking off!

the abrupt Susan Alum also used the tweet to remind her followers that her Hulu biopic, titled Pretty Baby (after the controversial movie she starred in in 1978), is going to be released. “Sunny fun, back to work now.” In one week, #PrettyBaby will be accessible on.

With her girls, Brooke has enjoyed many mother-daughter days. Recently, she took Grier and Rowan to see Bradley Cooper. The charming Lea, age 5, was brought by the A Star Is Born director.

When Bradley and Brooke acted together in the 2008 horror movie The Midnight Meat Train, they seem to have established a lifelong relationship.

A mother-daughter photo session for Victoria’s Secret’s Intergenerational Mother’s Day campaign was one of Grier’s first modeling assignments. Recently, Grier’s mother talked about the experience in an interview.

She recounted in an EXCLUSIVE interview with that it was “really surreal to watch her do her homework while we were waiting for our part to be done.”

I suddenly remembered doing the same thing with clips in her hair while she was working on her chemotherapy, or something similar, in the past. “The circle of life is right here in front of you!” Her flawless baby skin and features were all I could think about.

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