Haylie is backing out! Did she regret her rսdeness?

Haylie is withdrawing! Did she regret being so rash?

Hailey Bieber made another public, low-key display of support for Selena Gomez when the effects of TikTok’s analysis of their relationship subsided.

Hailey admired Selena’s retro Instagram photo of her with golden hair and a print bikini. Both women now follow each other on Instagram after their Friday statements urging fans to stop bullying Hailey.

Although Hailey has previously liked Selena’s Instagram posts, this is the first time she has done so directly on Selena’s page.

Both women admitted that they had been talking about the Selena-Hailey social media feud in private on Friday. For years, fans had been discussing Hailey’s behavior of Selena, with some calling her a nasty girl.

Of course, Selena’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, with whom she dated for eight years, is married to Hailey.

The first person to speak up was Selena, who asked the crowd to stop while also admitting that Hailey had received death threats. Selena said, “Hailey Bieber reached out to me and told me she’s been getting death threats and other hateful negativity.”

“I won’t tolerate this. Nobody should be the target of prejudice or mistreatment.I have always been a proponent of kindness, and I sincerely want this to be over.

Hailey replied with her own words and expressed her gratitude to Selena for speaking up. She continued by saying that everyone, including herself, ought to exercise more restraint while saying and posting things online.

She remarked:

Since Selena and I have been talking about how to get past this continuous narrative between us for the past two weeks, I want to thank her for speaking up.

Everybody involved has had a very tough time over the past two weeks, and millions of people have seen a very damaging outpouring of hatred.

Despite the fact that social media is an amazing tool for community development and connection, events like this simply serve to further divide society.

There is always a chance that something will be misinterpreted or taken out of context. Everyone, including myself, needs to use greater caution while posting and speaking.

In the end, I think there will always be chances to meet each other with more understanding and compassion and that love will always triumph over negativity and hatred.

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