Heidi and Sofia tease fans with their wealth! How lucky their men are

Fans are teased by Heidi and Sofia’s affluence! what fortunate guys they have

This past weekend, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum shared some huge Instagram friendship ambitions. The judges of America’s Got Talent are preparing for the upcoming season.

(which, based on their social media posts, appears to have started filming!) They flaunted their fully toned legs and booties in a recent video.

The footage was posted on the forthcoming Instagram pages of Sofa and Heidi. “Amigas,” Sofa captioned her post. “And so it begins…… @sofiavergara @agt,” said Heidi in hers as a tease for the next AGT season.

The clothes the women wore were practically identical. Both Heidi’s and Sofa’s dresses featured a slit at the bottom that showed the actresses’ chiseled legs. Heidi’s dress was green, and Sofa’s was bright pink.

The duo can be seen walking together across a room on the footage as they approach an open elevator, but it closes too swiftly for them to go inside. It’s still a humorous way to cap off a really moving scene. That is how attractive girls walk, o

(Unfortunately, Heidi has her comments disabled) remarked one commenter on Sofa’s post. Naturally, a lot of “” and “” were also omitted.

The footage shows the couple walking across a floor while holding hands toward an open elevator that closes too swiftly for them to get inside.

Even yet, it’s a humorous cap to a very moving occasion. On Sofa’s article, someone left a remark that read, “THAT’S HOW PRETTY GIRLS WALK…” (Unfortunately, Heidi has disabled comments). Evidently, several “” and “” were also omitted.

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