I got nакеd in front of the camera! Kendall роsеd nакеd in extremely lowrise jeans

In front of the camera, I was naked! Kendall was wearing really low rise pants.

In a recent picture shoot, one of the top paid models in the world gets exposed. Only low-rise jeans were worn by Kendall Jenner.

Kim Kardashian’s younger sister was chosen to star in the American online retailer’s newest advertising campaign. Kendall participated in a candid photo shoot for a store where she serves as the creative director.

Yulia Gorbachenko took pictures of the 27-year-old celebrity.

The top model was exposed, her hands concealing her chest. There were just pants with an incredibly low fit among the clothing worn by the “Kardashian Family” participant.

In a half-turned stance, Kendall covered her exposed breasts with her hands. In a crimson, form-fitting suit, the American also displayed a flat midriff. The actress sported a crop top that highlighted her slender collarbones and shoulders and a crisscross skirt.

Sexuality Kendall accentuated while tying a full leather bow around the image. She wore a cloak with a snake design and tall, dark boots. The reality show contestant displayed long, lean legs.

According to one of the top paid models in the world, she is at ease on the set. The “creative process” is how she describes her work. “I’ve always been creative, and it’s clear when I’m in front of the camera…

it’s wonderful to cooperate with people, get comments, and learn a lot,” Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend said of the photo shoot. “There is a certain creative expression in it.

Not all top model admirers enjoyed this tense photo shoot. “Do you have to be nаked every time?” and “Poor Kendall, she’s not wearing underwear!”The bloggers stated, “I see only bones here – nothing sey.”

Devin Booker, 26, was the reality TV star’s long-term partner for two years. The basketball star and the model split up in November 2022 as a result of their busy schedules, therefore the relationship did not endure long.

Recently, the Hollywood celebrity slept with Puerto Rican performer Bad Bunny, age 29.

As soon as word of the new romance spread, Kendall posed for a clothing company in lingerie. Jenner chose a latex bow for the photo shoot in which she participated behind the wheel of a vintage vehicle.

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