Puffy and aged: Claudia was photographed walking! could you recognize her?

Saggy and old: Walking Claudia was captured on camera. Did you know who she was?

In the 1990s and 2000s, Claudia Schiffer served as a role model for many young women. It was impossible to stop admiring her beauty.

The German beauty is 52 years old at this time. Although she has already stopped actively modeling, she still occasionally makes an appearance in commercials.

However, Claudia now spends the majority of her time caring for her children from the film director Matthew Vaughn, Cosima Violet Vaughn Drummond, age 12, Caspar, 20, and Clementine, 19.

The famous mother takes her kids for walks and takes care of home duties, but the paparazzi managed to capture a picture of Schiffer during one of the exits.

The supermodel of the 1990s went to a restaurant with her family, but she was the only one attracting everyone’s attention. Claudia was holding a cream-colored cardigan while sporting a low-cut yellow dress.

Although Claudia looked stunning in this attire, most people were more interested in how much she had aged than in him. Around her lips and nose, as well as under her eyes, Schiffer got severe lines.

Fans were shocked by how old the primary sex icon of the 1990s had become.

Internet users said, “Schiffer is not the same,” “Not at all similar,” “She already has such wrinkles, although she is only 52,” “Claudia aged too quickly,” “I didn’t recognize her,” and “She was such a beauty ten years ago.”

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