Star in an extreme mini dress: Ann delighted Versace

Star in a skimpy minidress: Versace pleased Ann

An advertisement for Versace featured the American actress. Anne Hathaway was featured in two striking pictures.

The Hollywood actress was used as the face of a high couture brand’s advertising campaign. The new advertising campaign honors fashion leaders. Hathaway donned two ensembles from Versace.

The 40-year-old first put on a short black dress with straps and high-heeled heels made of shimmering material. The attire highlighted the Oscar winner’s long, lean legs.

Ann was also holding a coat in her hands, and she was wearing black sheer tights and a little pocketbook. The actress had long, dark hair that was casually pulled back, which enhanced her appearance of sexiness.

Then, Hathaway put on a black corset and a pair of high-rise pants. The movie star’s tiny waist was highlighted by a belt with a big gold clasp. The actress threw a leather jacket over her shoulders.

Ann’s bangs and curls were worn forward. The Devil Wears Prada actress gave the camera a confident expression. The mother-of-two captioned the image, “Now I’m going to enjoy my life in these sеxy jeans.”

The actress outlined how she was contacted to participate in the photo session by the brand’s executive. Donatella Versace revealed her vision for a timeless collection with the Versace signature spirit when she first approached me for the campaign.

According to Hathaway, she wants to concentrate on items that will become staples in someone’s wardrobe, delight regardless of trends, and be worn again for a lifetime.

Donatella remarked that Ann is a superb expert in her subject and greatly motivates her. “I adore her as an actress, but I respect her as a woman even more.

She is a well-known celebrity, a successful businesswoman, creative, and extraordinarily nice. This makes her a true Versace icon!” — declared the owner of the clothing line.

Hathaway frequently appears on the red carpet. At a recent film festival, the actress created a splash by donning a fiery dress. The celebrity has worked with Versace before. Ann made an audaciously seductive entrance on the red carpet.

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