The animal understood how people get some money and decided that leaves can help him with that

The animal realized how people earn money and determined that leaves may assist him in doing so.

For the last five years or so, a gorgeous black dog by the name of Negro resided on the grounds of Colombia’s Technical Organization of Monterrey Casanare. He serves as a sort of watchdog for the students there, keeping a close check on what happens as they move about their studies.


Negro learned about a campus store where students gather to shop for goods during breaks and occasionally purchase cookies early in his stay in school.

Evidently, this is where the dog first became aware of commerce and decided to try it.

According to instructor Angela Garcia Bernal, “He’d go over to the store and look after the kids pay money and get it in return.”

Another day, he appeared out of nowhere with a leaf in his mouth, licking his lips and asking for a treat.

Negro had created his own savings plan, which was of course recognized.

He received a cookie along with some wisdom.

Using some leaves, you can purchase treats!

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