This cute but sad puppy tried to learn to smile in order to find an owner and permanent home for him

In an effort to find an owner and a permanent home for him, this adorable but dejected puppy sought to learn how to smile.

All dogs who wind up in shelters hope to find a new home and owner as quickly as possible. They wait politely for each new visitor each day.

However, there are individuals who desire to hasten the “adoption” process and go out of their way to appease others.

Burro, a small black Labrador who resides in the Louisiana Humane Society shelter, likewise made the decision to do action rather than just watching.

The puppy, his sister, and brother wound up in a facility for catching dogs when they were 2 months old. After that, a veterinarian clinic was used to treat the canines.

Brother Burro was the first child the family adopted when they went to an orphanage once they had recovered. This, it seems, encouraged the puppy to greet every visitor with a smile.

When the shelter staff saw this, they also made the decision to assist the puppy. They created a video, which quickly garnered more than 400 likes and numerous comments.

It wasn’t long until the meeting with the new owners took place. Burro, who took the infant home, was a big favorite of the young couple. The puppy now resides in a new home.

Only recently has his sister remained in the shelter, but staff members are optimistic that because of the Burro story, she will soon make friends of her own.

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