To commemorate the K9 he left alone a Vietnam soldier resolves to save 51 thousand puppies

A Vietnam veteran decides to preserve 51,000 puppies as a way to remember the K9 he left behind.

Today marks the end of Mike Monahan’s 52-year military career in Vietnam. On that day, he had to bid his trained Army dog, Chico, a member of his surveillance squad, farewell.

Chico alerted his team of trapdoors and saved Monahan’s life.

Monahan’s guilt at leaving Chico is still a source of anxiety for him. Just before saying goodbye to his friend in that prison in Vietnam, Chico was mercilessly put to death.

Several of the dogs who had served in Vietnam at the time of the US military’s departure unfortunately passed away.

While serving in Vietnam, Chico resided with a family in North Carolina. As he grew older, they viewed his violent demeanor as violent and suggested he join the US Navy.

The dog and Monahan became the best college friends and coworkers. To honor Chico’s dedication all these years ago, Monahan wrote “Chico’s Promise,” a book from the dog’s perspective.


“Mike entered my kennels one more time, kneeled down next to me, draped his arm around me, and whispered, ‘I love you, I like you boy.'” I regret that I can’t assist you with this. I’ll miss you, Chico.

I promise to never forget how much of a superhero you are in my eyes for saving my life.

It’s time to leave, Monahan,” came the message. It ended with the words “Jeep’s awaiting,” and I was left alone once more. Forgotten.”

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