Yana can show off not only musical talent, but also a beautiful body in a biкini

Along with her musical prowess, Yana can flaunt a stunning body in a bikini.

Even though Jana Kramer wasn’t always confident in her appearance, she enjoys flaunting her curves in a bikini or swimsuit when she isn’t on stage wearing short shorts or a crop top.

In a bikini and taking a selfie in front of a mirror in November 2021, she posted the caption, “When I look at this photo, I see strength,” on Instagram. “This photo is not a thirst trap,”

a post intended to get your attention or one that asks you to judge your physique against mine. “I am so proud of my body,” the author writes in the post.

The One Tree Hill alum said, “If I’m being honest, I lost a little too much weight after my divorce, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the number I saw,” alluding to her divorce from former football player Mike Caussin in July 2021.

But that is a risky perspective to take. Never should it come down to a numerical value. It ought to be about how you feel.

The mother of two then gave a statement that served as incentive, expressing her pride in the effort she had done to get her “divorce body.”

“I’m proud of myself for the hard work and dedication to loving myself when I look at this picture now,” the author says. Two beautiful humans were born from this body. She declares, “I’m proud of my body.”

It’s not simply that I have bigger breasts, but there are two benefits, and I feel more in control of my decision now that I had breast augmentation. I take pride in the choices I have made for myself.

I want to inspire you to move as you want to move, celebrate your successes, and experience your inner strength. Do what makes you joyful. Regardless of your size or shape, be proud of yourself.

The “I Got the Boy” singer, who has two children with her ex-husband, spoke candidly about her decision to have surgery in observance of International Women’s Day after their divorce.

“The following chapter, the following me, is free. She is happy. even by herself. I’m prepared to adore my entire being, including my body. She wrote in the caption of an Instagram image from May 2021, “I have no idea what tomorrow holds.

“All I know is that I was good enough before, and I still am good enough now.” I want to express my gratitude to everyone who helped me restore my strength. It will never be taken from me again.

Jana claimed that she had rekindled her love life to her listeners on her “Whine Down” podcast in January 2023, stating that her mysterious man was a “sweetheart” from England. She remarked, “I’m simply appreciating where everything is right now and feeling this way.

We’re attempting not to be apart for longer than three weeks. I don’t want to put any strain on it; I just want to enjoy how amazing it feels.

The Friday Night Lights star made her romance with boyfriend Allan Russell public on Instagram on January 28 and disclosed in a TikTok video from February that the two had exchanged “I love you’s.”

On March 27, 2023, Jana and Allan made their official red carpet entrance as a couple at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

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