Accent on color! Emily put on a bright look and admired her shapes

Emphasize color! Emily put on a cheery appearance and appreciated her forms.

Many of us still try to emulate Emily Ratajkowski’s distinctive sense of style, which has always set her apart. This time, the model choose to walk the runway wearing a trendy sweatshirt that is both cozy and perfect for spring.

Emily chose to wear a stylish hoodie with a yellow design and black pants. The celebrity chose to finish the ensemble with headphones, a large pair of black sunglasses, and a red little handbag. Since the combination was so unusual, remember to keep an eye out for it!

Emily opted to dress stylishly in a yellow-patterned sweater and black jeans. The famous person decided to complete the look with headphones, a big pair of black sunglasses, and a small red handbag. It’s important to remember to keep an eye out for the combination because it’s so rare!

If you recall, Emily and her husband split up last summer after she learned of his numerous affairs. After three months of dating, the model and Sebastian Behr-McClard were married in February 2018.

After spending many years in each other’s company, the lovers welcomed a boy into their family in 2021, completing their family. She is reportedly seeing Harry Styles at the moment. They were recently seen kissing in a snapshot.

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