Enrique does not want to deny the obvious! There is no more Anna in his life

Enrique does not wish to contest the truth! Anna is no longer a part of his life.

Regarding the changes in life, the artist did not remain silent.

Enrique Iglesias communicated with his followers and disclosed his split from Anna Kournikova. The attractive Spaniard simply beams with joy in recent footage.

The tennis player and musician have been married for 20 years. They are regarded as one of the smartest and most attractive couples in history. Three lovely children were born as a result of their tumultuous relationship.

The twins Lucia and Nicholas arrived first, followed a short while later by Mary, the couple’s daughter. Iglesias is currently supporting himself while Anna is raising her kids.

The musician told his followers that he was embarking on another tour. The talented artist is compelled to abandon his lovely wife and heirs. He is not at all bothered by this fact, though. He appears to be extremely content in recent photos. It’s understandable given that the vocalist adores his work.

The tennis player consented to participate in the Iglesias Escape video shoot. The performer was forced to hold on to Kournikova’s lips at the conclusion of the video clip. Before the plans could be carried out, however, the Spanish singer severely offended the model.

KP claimed back in 2002 that Enrique declined to kiss the girl because she had pimples close to her lips. But as the blonde started crying in front of the artist, he was forced to change his mind.

To cover up her faults, the makeup artists had no choice but to add another coating of powder to her face. The stage work then got underway.

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