I was denied a wedding! Sister Kim rebuked her for using her marriage ceremony to build relationships

A wedding was refused to me! She was reprimanded by Sister Kim for utilizing her marriage ceremony to foster relationships.

The reality television personality said that her nuptials to musician Travis Barker did not go as planned. Kourtney Kardashian attributed this to Kim Kardashian.

Last May, Courtney and Travis were married in a lavish ceremony on the Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana estate in the Italian resort of Portofino. Designers were also in charge of Courtney’s bridal gown and the holiday decorations.

In a few months, a successful collaboration at Milan Fashion Week was the result of the contacts Kim made while taking advantage of the opportunity. The bride was upset by the ex-wife of Kanye West’s actions.

The older Kardashian bemoaned, “My sister used my wedding as a business opportunity.” The younger sisters sided with her. Khloe acknowledged that Kourtney was “furious” with Kim’s choice. According to Kendall Jenner, the bride “felt like she was deprived of the wedding atmosphere.”

Kim made an effort to defend herself. “I’m not sure how she came up with this tale. Like, my empathy is unmatched. I warned her, “Don’t do anything that Courtney wore to her wedding,” said the mother of numerous kids.

However, neither the sisters nor Kourtney herself were persuaded by Kim’s words. “People will think that this is a miscommunication, but it is not. “Kardashian Sr. is quoted by Metro as saying, “This is who she is at her core.

Courtney and her boyfriend performed at three weddings. Following the Grammy Awards, the first was held at the One Love Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. The couple gave up wearing customary wedding attire at that time. The pair formalized their agreement at Santa Barbara City Hall two weeks before their wedding in Italy.

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