Megan wouldn’t want us to see this! Young brunette photo

Not something Megan would want us to see! pic of a young brunette

One of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood is Megan Fox. The star rose to fame because to her ability and beauty, but she looked drastically different before plastic surgery. Some people even think that the girl was ugly.

The actress started working in movies in the early 2000s. She once had small eyes, a larger nose, and thin lips. According to Passion, Fox eventually changed her mind and underwent a number of plastic operations, including one to increase her lips and one to reduce her nose.

Now, it’s challenging to identify that plain girl in the star. Some people, though, think she was much more attractive before the plastic surgery.

Coulson Baker, also known as Machine Gun Kelly, and Megan Fox no longer share a residence. The actress and the rapper have not been spotted together in a while.

The 33rd wedding anniversary of the groom was celebrated without the “Transformers” actor, and today it was revealed that the couple had broken up. When they started discussing the alleged betrayal of Coulson in February, rumors about the star couple’s strife started to circulate.

Then, the couple’s relationship came to light while they were traveling to Hawaii together, and it appeared that all of their differences had been ironed out. The insider reunion, however, was not at all what it appeared to be from the outside.

“They cohabited even as talk of his potential betrayal circulated. Even before Coulson’s birthday, Megan was not seen at his home for a considerable amount of time.

She was not present, however, at the rapper’s birthday celebration, which resulted in a call to the police. She was invisible. According to a source close to the musician quoted by The Sun, they undoubtedly broke up.

The situation does not particularly sadden Coulson. He frequently hosts gatherings at his house, and most of his guests are female. He acts like a free man, the source concluded.

The fact that Coulson Baker was let go without Megan is another proof of the stars’ separation. The couple has consistently shone on the red carpet together for the last three years. This time, Coulson and Pete Davidson posed by themselves at the The Trifle premiere.


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