18 yearold model exposed her brеаsts! Monica’s daughter made a provоcative trick on the beach

A model who was only 18 years old bared her breasts. On the beach, Monica’s kid pulled a provoking prank on spectators.

Taking part in a risky picture shoot was the daughter of actors Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci, who are both famous in their own right. During a photo session, Deva Kassel stripped down to her underwear.
The young woman is working hard to establish herself as a successful model.

She has a specific affection for the Dolce & Gabbana fashion brand, and she works with the designer to emulate the success of famous mothers in the entertainment industry. A lot of people think that Deva is Monica’s younger sister because the young woman has Monica’s dazzling appearance, beautiful hair, and expressive eyes.

This time, Deva decided to participate in a risky experiment. Nicholas Falls, a photographer, took some wonderful black-and-white photos that turned out to be really evocative.

The young model, who was just 18 years old, wore only her pants and covered her bare chest with her hands. She gave the impression of being almost entirely naked.

The young model was earlier photographed in other images wearing a top that turned out to be entirely transparent and did not disguise the contours of her breasts. These photos were taken before the revelation that the top was see-through.

Deva shared the video on her page on the social networking site, and the celebrity mother’s father was the first person to comment on her photographs. “Well, Deva!” Vincent put pen to paper.

The footage was soon the subject of discussion among fans. “It meant a lot to Dad! Very courageous”, “Incredible beauty, such a real and natural beauty”, “Deva, you surely have a fantastic future, an unrealistic picture session,” were some of the things that bloggers had to say about the model after the photo shoot.

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