Enrique does not want to deny the obvious! There is no more Anna in his life

Enrique does not intend to be contrary about this matter! Anna is no longer a part of his existence.

The creative person did not keep quiet about the shifts in their life.

Enrique Iglesias reached out to his audience and shared the news that he and Anna Kournikova had ended their relationship. In recent film, the handsome Spaniard absolutely beams with contentment and joy.

The musician and the tennis player have been married for a combined total of twenty years. They are widely regarded as being one of the most intelligent and stunning couples of our time. The culmination of their turbulent love affair was the birth of three stunning children.

After the delivery of the identical twins Lucia and Nicholas, the arrival of the daughter Mary came a short while later. Currently, Anna is in charge of childrearing while Iglesias works to provide for the family.

The singer proceeded on another tour, which he kept his followers updated on through social media. The talented artist is coerced into abandoning his lovely wife and children. On the other hand, this fact does not in any way bother him. On recent photographs, he appears to be in a good mood. It’s no surprise, either, given how much the singer enjoys performing.

The tennis player gave his consent to appear in the Iglesias Escape music video, and filming has begun. At the conclusion of the video scene, the musician was required to maintain his grip on Kournikova’s lips. But before those plans could be carried out, the Spanish singer managed to deeply insult the model, which derailed the entire endeavor.

According to what KP wrote in 2002, Enrique called attention to the fact that the girl had acne near her lips, and he refused to kiss her because of it. But later on, he was forced to reevaluate his choice since the brunette broke down into tears right in front of the artist.

Because of the imperfections on her face, the makeup artists had no choice but to apply an additional coat of powder to cover them up. After that, work finally got underway building the stage.

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