In a brа with rhinestones! Britboasted a lush bսst

In a bra with rhinestones! Britboasted a lush bսst

Britney Spears is now busy with her new international tour Piece of Me, but she doesn’t forget about Instagram followers either.

The singer shared with them another candid frame, which is depicted in a concert costume.

The singer also provided them with one more candid photograph of herself, which shows her dressed in a concert costume.

Britney is taking a selfie in the mirror while wearing a black bra with rhinestones and black pantyhose. The singer choose to wear black boots as her footwear, and she captured the moment by taking a picture of herself in the glass. The star wears the typical heavy amount of makeup that is associated with her, and her hair is left loose.

No less vocal in the pop diva and other performance costumes, Britney normally likes to light up on stage and puts on the most comfortable garments in order to dance.

As Britney takes a selfie in front of the mirror, she is clothed in a black rhinestone bra and panties, and she is also wearing black boots. The diva wears the typical heavy makeup that is associated with that persona, and her hair is free-flowing.

Britney, who is just as outspoken in other musical costumes as she is in her pop diva costumes, enjoys lighting up the stage and, when dancing, wears clothing that is as comfortable as possible.

I am curious as to whether or not her boyfriend Sam Asgari accompanies her lover, as Britney did not publish any joint selfies with him for a considerable amount of time.

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