In completely transparent clothes! Brit recorded new videos for fans

In clothing that was absolutely see-through! New videos were recorded by Brit for her audience.

The public has always shown a particular interest in the singer’s personal life, but as of late, many people have started to become truly concerned about how she is doing.

When the pop princess posted a new video on Instagram answering questions that apparently had been asked by her followers, she once again baffled her 28 million followers. She acknowledged in a brief clip that the Bentley has always been her ideal vehicle.

that she has kissed a female, specifically referring to her kiss with Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards in the 2003 year, that she has fallen on stage before, and that her favorite costume for Halloween is that of a fairy.

The only people who are upset are fans of this video. They started a barrage of questions at the celebrity, demanding to know when she would reveal more information about her custody situation and really answer to what others had written to her in the comments section.

“These are in no way questions that we would ask,” “I don’t think either of us asked you what your favorite Halloween costume is,” and “Who asked you these questions?” are all responses that might be given to a person who had asked them. We asked a lot of questions, but not these ones,” the incensed fans said. “I have never seen anybody ask such things in the comments.”

The artist’s attire was another element that caught people off guard, as she was seen wearing a top that was fully see-through and adorned with white lace. Her undergarments were able to be seen without having to remove this top.

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