It was announced the dеаth of Angie! All in mоurning

The news of Angie’s passing was shared with everyone. Everyone is in mourning.

On the social network, information on Angelina Jolie’s passing was shared. The heartbreaking news was accompanied by a picture of the actress’s distraught family members.
But let us hasten to reassure the followers of the celebrity that it was just a new alarming fad that has been sweeping the nation.

People in the United States that want more people to interact with their Facebook accounts are spreading false rumors about the deaths of celebrities. The week before last, multiple news outlets simultaneously carried the following message:

“Our dearly cherished actress Angelina Jolie passed away on Sunday [April 23, 2023] at about eleven o’clock a.m. Eastern Time,”

The post included a picture as an attachment. Allegedly showing the Jolie family bending over and crying at the casket, the photograph was taken at the funeral. In point of fact, the frame is nothing more than an image that was taken from the internet and features unidentified individuals.

It was decided to test out the first way of marketing in this manner on an American website about stars, and the concept was soon grabbed up in social networks. Users who didn’t buy into the story that Angelina had passed away started making complaints about these articles.

And there was swift return to the rule of law. All documentation on the passing of Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has already been removed from public view.

It is interesting to note that at the same time that the criminals were attempting to make further money off of Jolie’s death, the actress was shining at a reception at the White House. Angelina Jolie was spotted out and about with Vice President Joe Biden at a gala dinner.

The famous actress from Hollywood was seen with her son Maddox at her side. Jolie made her appearance at the event wearing an old-school white Chanel jacket. She wore it over a dress that was white. The actress was in the zone that day, and no amount of gossip could bring her down from her high.


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