My pearls popped up! Kim in a dress with halfbre brеаsts appeared at the Met Gala

My pearls have come to the surface! At the Met Gala, Kim was seen wearing a dress that included a cleavage cutout.

The popular reality TV personality from the United States will be attending a significant gathering in the fashion industry as a guest. 2007 was the year that Kim Kardashian established a look that was influenced by her own sexual picture session.

The model, who is 42 years old, has been seen attending the Met Gala on multiple occasions. Kim goes through extensive preparations for the event each year. The last time, in order to fit into an outfit that was designed for her, Kanye West’s ex-wife lost seven kg.

This year’s Met Gala honored the life and work of Karl Lagerfeld by paying tribute to his legacy. The late fashion designer was honored for the first time by Kim on the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The famous woman who has a large family wore her hair up in a ponytail and her makeup was dark and smokey. The couturier was quite taken with the vast quantity of pearls that Kim incorporated into her look.

Kardashian made her appearance in a dress designed by Daniel Roseberry that was champagne in color and featured a sheer skirt and décolleté. Her breasts and thighs were partially covered, but she had dozens of pearl necklaces draped over them.

Kim wore a pair of white stiletto sandals with the attire, and she completed the look by wrapping a white cape with a very long train around her shoulders. The Playboy photoshoot that the Kardashians star did in 2007 served as an inspiration for this shoot, with the exception that this time her breasts were on full display.

North, who is nine years old, accompanied her mother Kim to the occasion. The young lady from school went to the Met Gala for the very first time. The daughter of a model who had worked with Kanye West put some lip gloss on and pulled some of her hair back into a high ponytail.

North wore a pink Chanel jacket, which she paired with a white T-shirt, pants, and boots with high soles. The little child was of assistance to the star mother in maintaining the integrity of the dress.

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