Risky nесklinе! Margo is inspired by the legendary Cindy

Risky neskline! The great Cindy serves as an inspiration for Margo.

The actress, who is 32 years old, has established herself as a star on the red carpet. Margot Robbie made an appearance in public wearing a vintage Karl Lagerfeld garment that had previously been worn by the supermodel.

At this year’s Met Gala, which took place in New York, the Hollywood celebrity who has family in Australia made a stunning presence. Margot sported a black floor-length Chanel dress that was form-fitting and featured a single-shoulder strap as well as a modest theatrical train.

The exposing heart-shaped neckline and the see-through PVC corset with gold chains at the waist were the two features of the chiffon costume that stood out the most. Robbie flaunted her trim form while dressed in a luxury outfit.

This year’s event paid tribute to the life and legacy of Karl Lagerfeld. The dress that Margot wore was one of the pieces that the designer made for the Haute couture spring-summer 1993 collection. The star of Babylon sported a pair of all-black Chanel heels.

She selected several pieces, including an engagement ring, from the jewelry collection, including a pair of yellow gold and diamond stud earrings called “Impression Florale” that were part of the Coromandel line. Robbie opted for a simple look by wearing nude lipstick and makeup that was also neutral. Her tresses were curled in the traditional Hollywood way.

Margot attended the function on her alone, without bringing Tom Ackerley, her husband. Since 2018, the creative individual has served as an ambassador for the French design house. The first iteration of her garment from the haute couture collection was worn by Cindy Crawford as she was walking the catwalk.

who was, at the moment, operating at the pinnacle of her professional career. This took place in January 1993 at a show that was held in Paris during Fashion Week. The Chanel archive collection is unfortunately inaccessible to members of the general public at this time.

“I’m in Chanel, and Cindy Crawford wore this dress in 1993,” the sales associate said. They rebuilt it for me, and it’s very clear that Carl was the designer behind it. In point of fact, I have a lot of confidence when I’m wearing it, stated Margo.
The famous actress remarked that she and her coworkers are always in for a fun and thrilling evening at the Met Gala. “Getting to know Karl, even just a little bit, was a huge privilege for me. I was the final brand ambassador that he appointed under me. Because of his remarkable qualities, I am overjoyed that we will be paying tribute to him tonight.

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