But she’s only 34! Nina is getting older

She’s only 34, though! Nina’s age is increasing.

The actress attempted a failed plastic.

The stunning Elena who won over The Vampire Diaries fans can no longer be found in the 34-year-old actress Nina Dobrev. The series’ star has undergone significant, unfavorable alteration.

According to the Grazia web expert, the actress “unquestionably underwent not only blepharoplasty but also an endoscopic facelift, which is why the actress slightly opened her eyes and raised her eyebrows.”

The actress tried to build a plastic but was unsuccessful.

The 34-year-old actress Nina Dobrev is no longer the charming Elena that enthralled The Vampire Diaries viewers. The series’ star has undergone a significant, unfavorable shift.

The Grazia online specialist says that in addition to blepharoplasty, the actress certainly got an endoscopic facelift, which caused the actress to slightly open her eyes and raise her brows.

The “updated” Elena frightened online users. They think she’s aged by 10–12 years, significantly.

Dobrev actually does appear older than his actual age in the most recent images that have surfaced online, which tremendously depresses the admirers.

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