I’m breaking the rules! Irina showed her brеаsts without a brа

I’m transgressing the law! Without a bra, Irina exposed her breasts

The top model wore a tiny top over nothing underneath. In a casual setting, Irina Shayk produced a daring shooting.

The 37-year-old catwalk star frequently makes an appearance at events and fashion shows. Irina was invited to attend the yearly Met Gala in New York. She arrived there wearing an elegant gown by Yohji Yamamoto.

Shake, meanwhile, opted for a much cozier dress for the after-party. She was dressed in gray pants, a thin white T-shirt without a bra, and high-heeled ankle boots.

A plum-colored bomber jacket was being held by Bradley Cooper’s ex-girlfriend. The well-known Russian lady let her hair hang loose.

Her makeup was designed by makeup professionals with vivid accents on the lips and eyelids. Irina added three sets of earrings and a tiered necklace with big, sparkling rhinestones to finish the ensemble.

At home, the model took a number of selfies. She experimented with angles while she took pictures of herself in the bathroom and bedroom. Likewise, her chest was easily apparent. Irina acknowledged that she enjoys making risky choices. Shayk captioned the pictures, saying, “On our way to breaking the rules.”

Fashion commentators observed that a Yemanzhelinsk native might have angered Karl Lagerfeld, to whom the final event was dedicated. Sweatpants, according to the renowned fashion designer, are a symbol of failure. However, she has received lots of praise from Thierry Mugler’s admirers.

“The world’s most stunning woman. Period”, “You always break the rules in the sexiest way”, “In the future life I want to be like you”, “Irina, beautiful! Even in my sports pants, I wiped my nose,”

What are you doing, Irina? You will need to swing your shoulders again in the hallway as if you were not even there. Followers remarked, “You’re really lovely, but do you ever smile? Rules are made to be broken, plus it’s fun!”, “Break them, give me your phone number,” and “It’s fun to break them.

Irina spoke with the actor from the movie A Star Is Born at the Met Gala. She made a separate appearance at the event from her daughter Leia’s father.

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