Liz looks outstanding in a hot biкini picture she posted

Liz submitted a stunning bikini photo in which she looks amazing.

For Elizabeth Hurley, the proverb “age is just a number” couldn’t be more true. The 55-year-old actress shared a picture of herself on Instagram over the weekend wearing a scorching bikini.

She captioned the picture, saying, “Another day… another biкini.” The image received 1.7 million likes and comments from Hurley’s fans.

Hurley is accustomed to displaying her incredible body on social media. The Austin Powers actress shared a picture of herself and a friend wearing comparable teal bikinis earlier this month on Instagram.

It makes sense that Hurley would publish a photo (or two) of herself wearing one of her swimsuits since she has her own collection, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

The actress and fashion designer has always been transparent about her weight-loss routine. Hurley explained to Women’s Health that because her grandmother passed away from breast cancer in 1992, she places a high value on maintaining her health.

Women’s Health claims that Hurley’s beauty comes from a combination of healthy eating, exercise, and making time for relaxing activities a priority.

She drinks two glasses of warm water in the morning. She told the Daily Mail UK, “It tastes quite nasty, but it’s great for your digestive system.

Hurley tries to eat entire meals and steer clear of processed foods. “I favor simple, healthy, and convenient food.” Foods with a high chemical content don’t appeal to me.

She also revealed to Women’s Health how mindful eating is significant to her and how fad diets are not for her. “I enjoy eating things like an omelette, avocado on toast, and tomatoes.” I’m constantly famished for breakfast. She informed US Weekly that she often eats a lot of vegetables.

Hurley keeps her workout routine simple. Hurley provided details of her routine in a 2018 interview with US Weekly. Therefore, I think it’s important to stay active by taking walks, stretching, and even doing some yoga or Pilates.

I don’t like high-impact, high-intensity sports, though. They don’t really benefit you much, in my opinion.

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