Without underwear, but with swelling and wrinkles: Milla’s new exit horrified the public

The crowd was frightened by Milla’s fresh exit without underpants but with swelling and wrinkles.

As of late, Milla is more frequently mentioned as the mother of a young star, Ever Anderson, who this year will play the titular role in the blockbuster movie Peter Pan and Wendy, rather than as an actress or socialite.

Evidently as a result of the change in focus, Milla felt more at ease and started to dress appropriately.

In recent paparazzi images, the girl was seen wearing a really unusual ensemble while out for a stroll with her younger daughters: a multi-layered top composed of wrinkled T-shirts and T-shirts, low-rise trousers with an outdated shape, and high boots with a flat bottom.

All things considered, it appears that the girl left the house without checking herself in the mirror. The mother of three children apparently gathered her girls but forgot herself.

I have to admit that this is a circumstance that Milla is used to. She frequently skips doing cosmetics and styling before going out and has no fear of journalists who can capture it on camera.

So the star is already accustomed to leaving the house with an unclean head and an extremely messy appearance. Even Nevertheless, Milla’s attitude toward routine events is improving every year.

She is constantly in this form while the paparazzi are recording, regardless of your perspective. On the one hand, it is understandable for a young mother to have three kids and not have time for herself, but the family likely has more than one nanny who can assist.

Of course, it takes time for fans to adjust to the new look of the former world’s most beautiful woman. If you remember, Milla was spectacular in her first movies and even more so on the red carpet for these movies.

Yes, and it’s odd to let oneself go like this in today’s world, where stars in their 50s still look like they’re in their 20s. And at the age of 47, Milla has pronounced wrinkles, dark bags beneath her eyes, and other skin aging symptoms.

The actor apparently does not want to exert additional effort for a routine walk because she will age naturally.

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