“A Playful Outfit and a Young Husband”: Joan Collins Celebrates 90th Birthday with Glamorous Party!

The well-known actress Joan Collins, best remembered for her part in “Dynasty,” celebrated her 90th birthday in style in London. Joan, who is 32 years younger than her husband Percy Gibson, joined them and looked stunning in a bold costume that displayed her individual sense of style.

She chose an off-the-shoulder white top and sleek black slacks to put together a fun yet stylish outfit. Joan enhanced her features with strong scarlet lips and finished the outfit with striking earrings and a black headband.

The pair posed for pictures while beaming with delight and happiness.


Joan Collins has been married five times; she and Percy Gibson were married in 2002 and have three children together.

She accepts the big age gap with fun and jokes about what would happen to them if her spouse were to die sooner, proving that age has never been an obstacle for her.

Joan has a distinguished profession in addition to freely disclosing her experiences with domestic violence and the struggles she faced in her first marriage.

The celebration, however, took a surprising turn when Meghan Markle made caustic comments about Joan’s acting skills in the midst of the festivities.

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