Mental health issues! doctors told about the behavior of Brit

Difficulties with mental health! doctors informed of Brit’s behavior

It was announced last year that Britney Spears would publish a memoir in which she would be open about her private life and the hardships she endured for 13 years while under her father’s guidance.

However, a documentary series about the celebrity has already been produced, and in it, the star’s medical professionals discussed Spears’ peculiar behavior.

The day prior, the TMZ investigation “Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom” on the FOX channel debuted, in which numerous experts discuss the star’s personality.

Dr. Drew told TMZ that despite Britney’s mental health concerns, she was a compassionate person and a talented performer. He added that the pop artist is currently working very hard to begin a new life.

People commonly make mistakes and eventually find their bearings. Dr. Drew said, “When Britney performs, she cries out for help because she feels helpless.

Remember that after a string of public breakdowns in 2008, the singer was placed under guardianship for 13 years. She made her first court appearance in the early summer of 2021, accusing her father of abuse.

The celebrity claims that she was coerced into acting against her choice, forced to use psychiatric medications and birth control, and denied access to social media.

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