Stories from the Set of “On the Golden Lake”: Jane Fonda Reminisces About Her Encounter With Young Michael Jackson!

At 85 years old, Jane Fonda is a renowned Hollywood classic who has had the honor of getting to know a lot of well-known actors and entertainers.

She recently made the decision to reflect on her interaction with the legendary Michael Jackson. On the set of the movie “On the Golden Lake,” in which Jane Fonda and her father, Henry Fonda, both acted, their paths came into contact.

The iconic actress Katharine Hepburn and a youthful Michael Jackson both appeared in the movie. Unexpectedly, Michael Jackson had already shown a strong enthusiasm for the movie business at the age of 22.

Michael Jackson was always asking Jane Fonda for assistance since he was keen to learn more about the movie business. But it was Katharine Hepburn who had the young star completely spellbound. Hepburn first had preconceived notions about Jackson’s skin tone, but as she came to know him better, her viewpoint shifted.

Hepburn would sit him down and tell him hours of illuminating tales because she was aware of his enormous aptitude, and Michael would soak it all up like a sponge. She gave him some sound advice, telling him to keep working hard and to stay hungry.

Jane Fonda couldn’t help discussing a memorable and rather provocative anecdote involving Michael Jackson with her coworkers while they were on the movie set. The young Jackson suggested going naked swimming in the lake on a lovely moonlit night.

He immediately disrobed in front of Fonda, who recalls him as being extremely skinny. Jackson may have known he would not live long, according to Fonda, and he may have thought she would eventually tell the public about this juicy information. Michael Jackson unfortunately departed away in 2009 at the age of 50, it is important to note.

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