“Genetic Jackpot!”: Heidi Klum And Her 19-Year-Old Daughter Stunned Everyone With a Candid Photo Shoot!

Leni, 19, was introduced to modeling by Heidi Klum, the German modeling sensation, and together they took part in a new ad campaign for the renowned lingerie company, Intimissimi.

Leni is seen wearing snow-white panties and a satin blouse in one of the ad photographs that Heidi posted on her Instagram profile. Heidi is wearing a sky-blue set with white lace.

While some fans praised Klum for these family photos, others slammed her, saying they would be ashamed and saddened to see their daughter in such a state.

Several people have also questioned Leni’s height, which is just 164 cm, implying that she would not have been able to become a model without the help of her mother.

The mother-daughter team hasn’t responded to the situation, though.

In an earlier daring Instagram post, Heidi Klum had startled her followers by standing topless in front of a pool.

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