“My face is plastic!” ‘Miss World Priyanka’ Chopra opens up about failed plastic surgery

Due to polyps in her nasal canals, Priyanka’s father, Ashok Chopra, who is also a doctor, insisted on his daughter having face surgery more than 20 years ago. The actress, who is of Indian descent, was forced to undergo the operation.He assured me that he would be there for me the entire time even though I was utterly afraid. He reassured me and held my hands during the procedure, which, as Chopra said, really helped me regain my bravery.

The girl had a successful career prior to the operation, having represented India in beauty pageants and entered Bollywood. All of her progress was unfortunately jeopardized by a failed attempt to remove a benign tumor from within her nose.I mistakenly believed a polypectomy to be a simple medical procedure, but it was quite the contrary. Unfortunately, the surgeon struck the bridge of my nose, causing it to collapse. From that day on, it completely altered the way I looked; I felt like I had been rebuilt as someone else with an artificial face, and people began referring to me as “plastic Chopra.” I experienced a terrible, terrible depression,” the actress recalled.

Unfortunately, because of her growing celebrity, she was dropped from two projects. People were afraid that this accident would be the end of her career. Fortunately, she received assistance from Indian director Anila Sharma. She was downgraded from the lead role she was supposed to play in the movies to a supporting one. Priyanka expressed her appreciation for the filmmaker for giving her the opportunity to prove herself and for motivating her to give her all, even in a supporting role. She gave it her all and was successful in completing the delivery.

The famous person then had to go through numerous reconstructive procedures. Since she was named Miss World 2000, her appearance has changed, but someway she overcame her difficulties. The numerous conversations about her appearance and skin tone had a significant impact on her sense of confidence and value.My power is what sets me apart. If I attempted to conform to the “classically beautiful” mold, I would become identical to everyone else and lose my uniqueness. I’ve never wanted to do this, as reported by the Daily Mail.

After adjusting to her appearance, Gingerbread relocated to Hollywood and built a prosperous career. She stopped being astonished when she glanced in the mirror. She now realizes that she is like everyone else and is comfortable with her minor variances from others.

When I look in the mirror, I consider trying to lose weight. But despite my imperfections, I am happy with who I am and embrace myself. This is who I am—my face, my body—and that’s what counts. The star of “The Citadel” emphasized this idea to show self-love.

Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas attended the ‘Love Again’ movie premiere last night in New York. Her gorgeous appearance left everyone in awe and attracted a lot of attention to the couple. In a light blue off-the-shoulder gown with a mermaid-inspired skirt, the actress looked lovely. Hoop earrings and a diamond necklace were the finishing touches Chopra added to the spectacular ensemble.

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