Boyish figure! Fans are unhappy with the waist of Liv, who walks down the street in the nսde

Boyish appearance Fans dislike Liv’s waist as she strolls down the street in the nde.

Actress and director Olivia Wilde’s name has been linked to scandals more frequently over the past year than with the movie business.
When “Don’t Worry, Darling” first came out, the actress was first charged with handing her boyfriend Harry Styles the starring role.

Then, claims that Olivia and Florence Pugh had a disagreement on the set began to circulate on the network. After Harry and Wilde broke up two months after the film’s debut, the actress recently criticized Emily Ratatowski after she was photographed kissing Styles.

A full drama series, not life! Nevertheless, Olivia continues to live her life in spite of all the scandals, critical remarks, and fan statements directed at the actress. She prepares for the filming of new projects, goes to various events, and, naturally, actively keeps an eye on her health and appearance.

The girl frequents the gym in Los Angeles, where she is frequently seen on camera by paparazzi.

Photographers now had double the luck because they were able to get a picture of Olivia and her ex-husband Harry leaving the hallway. It turns out that they still visit the same room despite the time interval.

Does this imply that the ex-lovers were able to stay amicable? About this, one can only speculate.

Olivia typically wears huge sports suits to the gym, but this time, the youngster was spotted in tight black leggings and a sports top. Despite having a flat tummy and gorgeous hips, Wilde appears to be in excellent shape.

Some of the actress’s followers have noted that she lacks a waist. The girl always managed to cover up her flaws in daily life and at various events by dressing in the appropriate silhouettes and fashions. But regrettably, sometimes it is impossible to conceal.

Olivia is not the only well-known beauty with a rectangle body type, by the way.

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