Do you remember your youth? Angie repeated the beauty procedures of the past, from which everyone is sick

Do you recall your younger years? Angie continued to use the outdated, unhealthy beautification techniques.

Angelina Jolie experimented with her appearance and adopted her 1990s persona. Hollywood actress made a public appearance.

The 48-year-old artist recently started a Fashion House, demonstrating her current keen interest in the field. The day prior, Angelina had a meeting with Gabriela Hirst, the Chloé brand’s creative director.

The “The Eternals” star made careful preparations for this occasion. In a sophisticated black midi dress with bare shoulders and a plunging neckline, Jolie made her entrance. It was complimented by matching pumps on the actress.

Angelina’s hair is now light honey-colored curls after a hair change. The mother of several children used an iron to slightly stretch them out. For a very long time, Jolie has maintained her opulent chocolate hair color.

Only at the beginning of her career, when she made appearances in 1990s movies, was Brad Pitt’s ex-wife blonde. In this photo, Angelina looks a lot like the character Lisa Rove from the painting “Girl, Interrupted.”

The actress’s admirers are gushing about her new look. She cloned Jennifer Aniston’s haircut, and she appears to be a lighter shade. With him, Angelina appears more youthful.

“Angie is beautiful in any color,” “She looks like a real movie star again,” and “She was flawless with brown hair and cherry lipstick,” according to the users.

The actress is getting ready to unveil the first collection from her line of clothing, Atelier Jolie. Chloé is collaborating with the Oscar-winning womenswear capsule collection. It will feature elegant eveningwear with flowing lines, tactile accents, and a classic look produced from eco-friendly materials.

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