Gisele merges with nature, standing at this waterfall in a swimsսit

In a swimsuit, Gisele blends with nature as she stands next to this waterfall.

Gisele Bundchen shared numerous images of herself outdoors on World Environment Day to encourage her followers to protect the environment.

Gisele Bundchen is advocating for the environment while still maintaining her stunning appearance on World Environment Day. The 42-year-old supermodel used a slideshow of pictures showing her enjoying nature to discuss the importance of the environment on Monday, June 5.

She is shown standing next to a waterfall in a black one-piece swimsuit, letting the calming natural water to cascade over her toned figure. The seventh image in the carousel below is particularly stunning because it shows her in this position.

The mother of two can also be seen posing in front of a massive redwood tree, admiring wildflowers, enjoying the beauty of a waterfall while wearing hiking boots, anchoring herself to the earth while barefoot next to a lovely brook, and admiring wildflowers in other pictures in the slideshow.

When they were much younger, Gisele was shown with her children Vivian, 10, and Benjamin, 13, planting a tree.

Gisele previously indicated that she wishes to foster a love of the environment in her children, including Tom Brady’s son Jack, in the caption of the Instagram photo below from October 2021.

She recommended constructing a “@tinis.natureza” at your house or taking your children outside to spend some time outside. “Nature contact is important for children’s health and for everyone’s wellbeing.”

Let’s venture outside to refresh ourselves with nature’s energizing vitality. at the photo, Gisele’s kids were seen posing alongside her at a national park, picking flowers, having fun at the beach, sowing seeds, and more.

In her most recent post, Gisele asked all of her followers—not just her kids—to take a moment to admire the surrounding nature. She said, “Mother Nature is our greatest teacher.” “She shows how everything is connected and dependent upon one another.”

Her strength comes from her diversity, which is also essential to her survival. Similar to how humans differ, our differences are our strengths, and working together makes us stronger.

“Nature does not judge or distinguish. “She reminds us that every form of life is sacred and important, and that each has a unique role to play in creating balance so that all of life can flourish,” the model and philanthropist said of the woman who shows compassion.

Nature has the solutions, and by studying her and taking cues from her, we may all flourish. Our decisions here affect how we will live out our lives in this place.

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