Huge belly and heart to heart talk! Lindsey’s candid interview to read

Huge belly and a sincere conversation! Read Lindsey’s open interview

In the final stages of her pregnancy, the American actress displayed a figure. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) discussed her husband’s response to learning about the pregnant kid.

The 36-year-old actress and investor Bader Shammas are a happy couple. The couple is getting ready to have their first child. In March, Lindsey revealed the pregnancy. Since then, the actress has published very few of her photos.

The “Freaky Friday” star has stopped trying to conceal her changing body. Lohan took part in the Allure Magazine shoot for the newest issue. They created a number of spectacular visuals for an actress who was expecting.

On the animated cover, Lindsey was dressed in a dark, monochromatic outfit. An airy weave blouse and low-rise leggings were worn by the pregnant Hollywood celebrity. Small curls were used to arrange Lohan’s hair, while berry lipstick and smoky eyes were the main features of her cosmetic look.

The actress touched her plump belly after playing with her hair in a seductive manner.

Lindsey then adopted a new look. The businessman’s selected woman emerged with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. The actress drew Arabic-style arrows. Lohan wore a tight top made of latex with wide-leg leggings.

The expectant mother once more exposed her waist in the third picture. The actress covered her nude body with a beige jacket. Lindsey added wide jeans to finish the look.

Rare details concerning her pregnancy were revealed by the celebrity. The Mean Girls actress discussed Bader’s response to learning about the new family member. At the time, Lindsey was five and a half weeks along.

“It was really boring. I threw the test on the table as soon as I walked in. “Guess what it is?” I say. “Is it us?” he questioned. Lohan divulged.

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