Star at the groom’s concert! Meg in an outfit with a deep neckline appeared in Berlin

At the groom’s concert, shine! Meg emerged in Berlin wearing clothing with a plunging neckline.

To support her partner, the American actress traveled to Germany. At Machine Gun Kelly’s show, Coulson Baker, who is also known as Megan Fox, made an appearance.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actor recently through a trying time in his personal life. She and Machine Gun Kelly got into a heated argument a year after they got engaged.

There was a rumor that the musician was having an affair with Fox. The couple decided to put off their wedding and sought help from a family therapist in an effort to mend their relationship.

Evidently, Megan was successful. On his current European tour, Machine Gun Kelly is joined by the 37-year-old artist. A concert by the Bloody Valentine singer was held in Berlin. On the Waldbühne theater’s podium, the actress observed him.

In keeping with the best traditions of her partnered outings with Coulson, the mother of three put up a daring and seductive look. Megan put on light natural makeup and arranged her hair in big curls.

The Hollywood diva wore a voluminous leather jacket over a black bodysuit with thin straps and lace-patterned tights. The Spanish nickname for Machine Gun Kelly is “el pistolero,” which the actress proudly displayed as a tattoo on her shoulder.

Fox had a carefree, easygoing appearance. When the singer entered the stage wearing a kilt and explosively performed one of his songs, she figuratively did not take her eyes off him.

At the end of May, the couple ceased keeping their reunion a secret. Coulson and Meghan got together in London for a fashion show.

At a Sports Illustrated party two weeks prior, Machine Gun Kelly attended to support Meghan. The duo then cautiously slipped away from the cameras.

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