Ashley poses in a biкini in the south of France and shows off the beauty of her body

Ashley displays the beauty of her figure while posing in a bikini in the south of France.

Ashley Graham serves as our model. Women can learn to embrace their bodies and themselves from plus-size models. She serves as a living example of how everyone of us is special and attractive in our own right. The celebrity recently posted pictures from a trip to the south of France.

The woman shared video of herself posing on a fancy yacht on a social media site that was outlawed. She was shown wearing a black and white one-piece swimsuit as well as golden bracelets and earrings. The celebrity grinned and seemed content.

Recall that Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin announced the birth of their stunning twins at the beginning of last year. After some time passed, the celebrity opened up about how giving birth had changed her body. She acknowledged that in order to return to work as soon as possible, she needs to exercise frequently and maintain a strict diet.

Do you recall when Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin revealed that they had beautiful twins at the beginning of last year? After some time, the actress talked openly about how having a baby had altered her body.

She said she needed to exercise hard and watch her diet if she wanted to get back to work as soon as possible.

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