Cheers to Romeo! The feud between Victoria and the daughter in law is put to an end

Salute to Romeo! The daughter-in-law and Victoria’s dispute is resolved.

The singer and fashion designer, 49, was present at an Elton John performance in London. Victoria Beckham welcomes Nicola Peltz.

The former lead singer of the Spice Girls spent the evening with family and friends. She attended the cult British singer’s concert on the O2 Arena stage.

Due to their long-standing connection with Elton John, Victoria and David Beckham participated in the performer’s farewell tour.

The couple went out with their kids, including Brooklyn, 24, and his wife Nicola, as well as Cruz, 18, and Harper, 11, who posed for a picture with them.

The American actress, 28, appeared on a family photo with a smile, demonstrating that the “feud” with the famous mother-in-law is ended. Victoria responded by denying allegations that she had a dispute with her daughter-in-law, demonstrating the cohesiveness of her family.

To honor the guy’s godfather, Nicola and Brooklyn flew back to the UK from the US. The couple’s 20-year-old son Romeo was the only member of the family not present in the video, but Victoria and David were happy about the gathering.

Together once more! Brooklyn, Cruz, Nicola, Harper, David, and all of you I adore you very much. Romeo, you are missed. Elton John, we adore you,” Beckham exclaimed.

One of the first people to respond with an emoji in the shape of a heart to her mother-in-law’s comments was the star of the movie “The Last Airbender.”

Victoria joked that the “successful” shot was taken with a restroom sign as the background when she and her daughter and daughter-in-law joined her backstage. The clothes designer chuckled and said, “Gorgeous.”

After Nicola and Brooklyn’s wedding in Florida in April of last year, rumors of a falling out between the actress and the designer surfaced. Peltz claimed that these discussions started since she didn’t wear a wedding gown from the Victoria’s Secret line.

There is no perfect family. Enmity, enmity—I keep running into this word everywhere. This is not hostility, she insisted. The young pair went to a Victoria fashion show in Paris in March in an effort to combat the negative energy.

A beautiful video of Beckham and her daughter singing along to the singer while he performs his 1972 hit “Crocodile Rock” was also made public by the football player.

By the way, the 76-year-old singer claimed that this was their final tour. On July 8, Elton’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” tour will come to a finish in Stockholm, Sweden. “I won’t embark on another tour. I’m eager for some independence.

The Daily Mail quotes the musician as saying, “Touring is now draining me and keeps me away from my family and my kids.

With a total revenue of £678 million, the pop icon’s tour has already broken all records. The singer also stated that he would occasionally play at important occasions, such as the Los Angeles Emmy Awards, when he was the featured performer.

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