Chris’s 46 yearold wife poses in a seductive combination that you want to look at endlessly

Chris’ 46-year-old wife poses in a gorgeous outfit that makes you want to gaze at her for hours.

Chris Hemsworth starred in the action flick Tyler Rake Rescue 2, which was screened last night in Berlin. The Hollywood star made an appearance alongside his wife Elsa Pataky on the red carpet. The public was completely captivated by the duo.

In a traditional blue shirt, blue three-piece suit, and brown shoes, Chris posed for pictures. The actor’s lover also made an appearance at the premiere wearing a snow-white silk ensemble that highlighted her body’s curves and silver shoes.

Chris made an appearance in front of the cameras sporting a customary blue shirt, a blue three-piece suit, and brown shoes. Also attending the premiere was the actor’s partner, who wore a snow-white silk outfit that highlighted her body’s curves and silver shoes.

In case you forgot, the first chapter of the movie was published in 2020. In the movie, mercenaries carry out an operation to free the son of an Indian drug lord who is being held captive.

The sequel’s Netflix debut is scheduled for June 16. By the way, Chris consented to being set on fire in exchange for the action movie role. Explore more here!

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