Delilah shokes everyone with a seethrough dress with nothing underneath

Delilah shocks everyone by wearing an uncovered, see-through dress.

As she went away from the location of her entertaining event, the model also flaunted her beautiful blonde hair.

Delilah Hamlin garnered media attention last week for celebrating her 25th birthday by dressing sensually. This week, a celebration in West Hollywood was held to commemorate the birthday of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s kid.

CA, and was seen leaving the venue wearing a long, sheer black dress with no sleeves and a black leather jacket. Her long blonde hair was worn back in some sections and down in others, and she was wearing matching black underwear underneath the dress.

The lovely woman highlighted her best features with subtle makeup while accessorizing with gold necklaces and earrings. She went among friends while wearing black stiletto heels to complete her outfit and grinned at bystanders.

Following her red carpet debut with boyfriend Henry Eikenberry last week, Delilah made news this week with her birthday celebration. At the The Crowded Room premiere in New York City, NY, the couple beamingly posed for photographs.

Both of them were dressed in all-black, with him donning a jacket over a button-down top and pants and her donning a long, sheer dress with a cutout in the back.

When Delilah isn’t getting attention for her appearance or love life, she does so for other things in her life. She recently used Instagram to confess to having ongoing health issues, posting a lengthy message beneath a picture of her arm with an IV.

She said, “If you’re new here, you’re probably confused because I haven’t really spoken about my health in a while, but for the past few years, I’ve been fighting with autoimmune/chronic sickness concerns that I’ve been discreetly battling and overcoming.

She did not specify which illness or illnesses she was experiencing, but she did talk openly about how she had overcome many obstacles and encouraged others to be optimistic while overcoming their own problems.

It’s been challenging both psychologically and physically, she continued. I’ve been silent because I don’t want to be given a role that requires me to be sick. I’ve had a lot of challenges to face and triumph over, and I know that I’m going through this to teach you what I’ve discovered.

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