Giselle stirs the imagination by trying on this tiny swimsuit that barely hangs on her curves

Giselle piques our interest by donning this little swimwear that clings precariously to her contours.

The ex-wife of Tom Brady looks stunning.

In a series of bikini photos she shared on social media on Monday, Gisele Bundchen uplifted the mood of World Environment Day.

After divorcing her ex-husband Tom Brady, the 42-year-old supermodel is now single and flaunted her toned body and long legs.

The actress, dressed in a stunning black swimsuit, had wide-open arms as she stood next to a waterfall and glistened.

She made a heart sign with her hands and posed in a string bikini to show even more reverence for the sacredness of nature. The range of positions was complemented by her distinctive beach-tousled waves.

The Vogue cover girl also flaunted her toned physique while working out in stylish gym gear. She was pictured petting trees and smelling flowers in the pictures. The supermodel wrote on Instagram about her great love and admiration for the environment:

Mother Nature is the best instructor we have. She exemplifies how everything is connected and depends upon one another. Her strength comes from her diversity, which is also essential to her survival. We are stronger when we work together because, like other individuals, we are stronger because of our diversity.

Gisele, a fervent supporter of environmental awareness, also made a sweet comment to her Instagram followers after her recent encounter with Shakira, a well-known musician.

Seven months after divorcing her husband, Gisele revealed her emotions in an Instagram message: “I used to think how can I make a difference?” she wrote after sharing priceless moments with Robin Roberts and Karlie Kloss.

“There is simply too much to do, and I am only one person in this enormous world, but I learned early on that working together is key to amplifying change and that anything is possible through dedication and collaboration.”

I really appreciate everyone who attended yesterday’s Luz Alliance Gala to show support for nature.

Following her divorce, Gisele has been spotted embracing her newfound independence. Though she remained evasive, rumors about her and instructor Joaquim Valente having a relationship surfaced.

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