Liz advertises her swimwеar brand! What could be better?

Liz promotes her line of swimwear! What might be superior?

Elizabeth Hurley, a British model, displayed a body wearing a bikini. Her forms were praised by the 57-year-old artist’s followers.

A fresh image of Elizabeth Hurley been uploaded to social media. The model is shown in the photograph posing in a turquoise one-piece swimsuit. Elizabeth Hurley Beach was the brand of choice for the Bikini actress.

Elizabeth’s bust was highlighted by the leotard. The actress depicted Bikini from every angle. Hurley let her hair down and had smoky eyes painted on her. Earrings complemented the appearance.

Many compliments were written in the comments by fans. One internet user said, “Sexy as always.”

Elton John announced the launch of the Rocket Fund in partnership with the Elton John Aids Foundation on social media on Monday, June 5.

On social media, he urged people to “take a stand against HIV-related stigma and discrimination, and join us in advocating for a more compassionate and equal world.”

The 76-year-old singer, who wants to raise $125 million by 2030 to “end AIDS,” gave his pals and other celebrities the “Inner Elton” challenge, asking them to pose in their finest Elton-inspired attire, which featured a lot of sequins, enormous glasses, brilliant colors, and more.

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