Pen attracts the attention of passers-by with a slender body in a mini dress

Pen grabs onlookers’ attention with her slim form in a tiny dress.

The actress, 49, is stunning in her beauty! As if the passage of time had no bearing on her

Simply put, this woman embodies Spanish beauty! Penelope Cruz, 49, continues to be the primary sex icon of her nation; her mop of brown hair, almond-shaped eyes, small nose, and seductive lips are unmistakable.

It is challenging to categorize her beauty as classical; rather, her fire and character are irresistible. In particular, this produces the fatal attraction known as out of time.

Yesterday, May 30, Penelope was spotted with a bouquet of peonies and hydrangeas in one of Madrid’s flower shops. The actress’s malachite-green jersey dress highlighted her tanned and trim frame.

Cruz opted for an almond-shaped manicure and a lacquer that was as natural-looking as possible: pearl gray with a faint purple undertone. The ideal shade that only draws attention to thin, feminine fingers.

Penelope appears as impressive as possible even without makeup thanks to her olive skin, beautiful hands, and luscious hair. She donned platform loafers that seem elegant and comfortable out of convenience.

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