She decided to return! Cameron has returned to the set

She chose to go back! Cameron is back on the set.

Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz were spotted together on the set of her newest movie, Back in Action. Check out the project’s first impressions.
We are happy that Cameron Diaz is back on the set for whatever reason.

The Avaline entrepreneur was spotted on the Back in Action set with co-star Jamie Foxx for the upcoming Netflix movie.

The two appeared polished in the picture, with the Ray actor sporting a dapper classic black tuxedo. The Charlie’s Angels star wore a black blazer and matching slacks, and she looked amazing.

In an August interview with E! News, Jamie went into depth about how he persuaded Cameron to come out of retirement and rejoin the cast.

He exclusively spoke to E! News’ Daily Pop, saying, “We just begged and pleaded on my knees, like, ‘Just give the people one more time. We have been waiting for her; we love her; and this is going to be amazing.

Jamie and Cameron previously worked together on the 2014 Annie remake, which served as The Holiday actress’s last film before quitting acting.

When Jamie tweeted a recording of a conversation he had with the actress and Tom Brady in June, the initiative was first made public.

“Cameron There is no going back now, so I hope it’s okay with you that I taped this.

“To get another GOAT, we had to call the GOAT,”Jamie tweeted, “Thanks to our new movie with @NetflixFilm, @CameronDiaz and I are BACK IN ACTION.” Later this year, the production will begin.

The NFL quarterback entered during the conversation to offer her advice as someone who had “relatively succeeded at un-retiring.” Right now, Cameron added humorously, “To be honest.” “Just what I needed,” you said.

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