The most beautiful son and his mother in a biкini! Damian posed with Liz on her 58th birthday

The mother of the most gorgeous son in a bikini! Liz and Damian took a photo on her 58th birthday.

Elizabeth Hurley’s (Elizabeth Hurley) family is celebrating. The actress thanks everyone for their birthday wishes.

Her son Damian Hurley, age 21, praised the first ex-fiancee, Hugh Grant. Pictures of the young man and the birthday girl were published. The actress and the heir are shown in the picture enjoying a picnic.

Elizabeth displayed her slim form while posing in a vibrant bikini. Even very young girls can enviously mimic the star’s elastic waist.

“Happy birthday, Mom!” Damian offered him a brief congrats. He was answered by the star mother, “I love you, my baby.” Bloggers joined in the congrats and several of them expressed their admiration for the actress’s thin figure.

Mom, is that you? What 58? She is no longer 29 years old; “I stopped time; very lovely mother! They posted on the Internet that the son was “the most beautiful son and his mother in a biкini,” and that he was simply a feast for the eyes.

Elizabeth gave herself a pat on the back for the holiday. She also displayed a biкini with a picture. Hurley’s delicate frame looked stunning in a blue swimsuit. The star held up their hands while coquettishly posing.

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