The outfit that Demi chose not to wear սnderwear! Hot at 60!

The attire that Demi opted to forgo donning! Hot at 60!

Demi Moore displayed a lean physique. The actress wore a stylish yet daring attire.

Demi Moore, a 60-year-old American actress, frequently attends social gatherings. Demi pays close attention to the physique. The actress enjoys highlighting chiseled shapes. The actress traveled to Stockholm to attend the Max Mara Resort 2024 collection show.

The “Striptease” diva wore a chic beige-colored attire to the occasion. Demi accessorized her floor-length, form-fitting nude dress with a summer coat, sandals, and accessories. She would not wear underpants, though.

The Hollywood diva’s fans were overjoyed. Demi received praise from the audience. The bloggers said, “Perfect!” “This is a luxury!” “Incredible beauty!” and “Time has no power over her, just look.”

Demi freely chose an attire for the after-show party. The actress donned white sandals, a flowing cardigan, a T-shirt with broad straps, and white slacks. Moore picked a wreath of blue and white flowers as a headpiece. She took along Pilav the dog, who was her adored pet.

The chihuahua was placed in a light-colored sling by Demi. The actress’s choice upset her celebrity pals deeply. Lily Collins, an English actress, put a heart-shaped emoji beneath the picture, while Helena Christensen, a supermodel from the 1990s, commented: “How beautiful and charming!”

Demi and her ex-husband Bruce Willis had a grandchild a month and a half ago. Rumer, their oldest child, gave birth to a daughter with the lovely name Luetta. Demi was present when her daughter was born.

Rumer revealed that the baby’s umbilical chord was strongly entangled, but fortunately everything turned out okay. The newborn child was robust and healthy.

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