Without complexes and without clothes! Lizzo in an extremely open biкini dances on the balcony

both without clothes and without complexes! Lizzo dances on the balcony in an incredibly revealing bikini.

Lizzo, 34, is not only a well-known Grammy-winning musician but also a proponent of body positivity.

The celebrity sets a good example for the social movement by displaying her outlandish body types without any reluctance. The singer’s physique has repeatedly caused doctors to express worry.

But Lizzo responds to this as succinctly as she can by uploading even more pictures of herself online wearing only her underpants and swimsuit.

This time, the American singer uploaded a video to the network in which she dances on a hotel balcony while wearing an especially revealing bikini. The teenager danced to the beat of the 2003 song Shake Ya Tailfeather while wearing a tie-dye swimsuit and flailing her arms and feet.

She wore a pink swimming cap over her hair and black sunglasses to cover her eyes.

To generate excitement for the impending show, Lizzo uploaded the video on her website. However, few were aware of and comprehended this. There are two blazing camps among the users.

Some commenters say things like, “I love Lizzo, but this is strange,” “Funny, but no more,” “It’s time for you to quit fast food, cleanse your body, and switch to a healthy diet.” Others claim that a star is divine and cannot comprehend why someone would ban them from doing something.

“Do whatever makes you happy,” “This is so much fun,” and “You are great.”

The girl suffered with her complexes for a very long time and once admitted in a TED talk that she felt her body type was improper or unattractive because she grew up in a time when huge shapes were not in style.

But as soon as she started dancing, things started to shift. Twerking helped Lizzo discover love for her body and for herself.

Now the vocalist calmly selects form-fitting, vibrant clothing for both the stage and daily wear. She cautions everyone, though, to listen to themselves and determine what is meaningful to each of us rather than emulating her acceptance of the body.

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