Is it Christina? The singer has recovered so much that even the most devoted fans will not recognize her

Is Christina here? Even the most ardent admirers will not be able to recognize the singer because of how much she has recovered.

For celebrities in particular, it can be challenging to always uphold beauty standards without coming under scrutiny. Each of their public appearances has the potential to incite a wave of animosity from fans who were offended by some aspect of their idol’s appearance.

Critics pay close attention to celebrities’ weight changes since it is easy to detect when someone acquires a few pounds or, conversely, when they dramatically lose weight.

Netizens have been keeping an eye on Christina Aguilera for a number of years. The singer of the well-known song “Genie in a Bottle” has been able to gain and lose weight multiple times during the past ten years.

Christina made a significant comeback in the 2010s following a pregnancy and many physical and mental health issues. The singer admitted that she didn’t feel attractive at first, but that she eventually started to accept her new body and love herself for who she is.

Then she made the decision to gather herself and pay attention to her beauty. After that, Aguilera severely restricted her food intake by only consuming 1600 calories per day while adhering to the rainbow diet, which helped her lose 38 kg in a year.

The singer also put in a lot of work, frequented the gym, and practiced Pilates and yoga. The singer’s turnaround was then marveled at by fans, who complimented her resolve.

Aguilera has made some progress toward recovery over the past few years, but she still works to maintain her fitness and isn’t shy about sharing photos of her physique on social media.

Christina, however, lately seemed very differently in a paparazzi snapshot than she did on her personal microblog. Without smoky ice and Christina’s preferred eyelash extensions, it is difficult to identify the girl because she has gained weight substantially.

Some people’s reactions to Christina Aguilera’s new modifications were quite neutral, while others started to criticize her for overusing Photoshop to alter the way she appears online.

Fans comment, “How fat she is,” “I completely stopped caring for myself,” and “But in other photos she looks thinner.”

Additionally, because the singer’s face has undergone significant changes recently, the girl was charged with excessive surgical intervention. Remember that this is not the first time; the network once received numerous allegations that the girl had undergone liposuction, rhinoplasty, and other procedures.

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