Literally a museum piece! Here’s how much Pamela’s swimsսit from Baywatch costs

A genuine museum piece! Here is the price of Pamela’s swimsuit from Baywatch.

The outfit is now on display at the BiкiniArt Museum.

The cult television series Baywatch is represented by Pamela Anderson’s red swimsuit. It was on the actress from 1989 to 2001. And suddenly the tiny thing develops its own personality. The German BiкiniArt Museum at Bad Rappenau just purchased it.

For $27,500, the museum bought the swimsuit. The original swimming trunks of David Hasselhoff, Anderson’s co-star in the television program about lifeguards on the water, are also on exhibit.

Remember how the sexy blonde became very popular in the “Rescuers Malibu” series? She spent the majority of her acting career donning a red swimsuit, which has come to represent both the height of the actress’s stardom and the idea of sexuality.

Picture taken from the television program “Rescuers Malibu”

A genuine museum piece! Here is the price for Anderson’s swimsuit from Baywatch.

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