She went completely off! Salma touches her soft spots while wearing incredible jeans

She completely lost it! Salma rubs her thighs while sporting amazing jeans.

Salma Hayek enjoyed herself on Instagram while posing in a seductive new all-denim ensemble. View the breathtaking images and video here!

56-year-old Salma Hayek looks gorgeous in denim! The House of Gucci actress posted a funny photo and video collection on Instagram on Friday, June 16, where she also posed in a magnificent head-to-toe blue denim suit.

You can see her outfit in the post below. She was seen wearing a strapless blue bustier with brass button accents and a matching pair of slacks.

The mother of one appeared in a few of the pictures wearing a large, wide-brimmed sunhat and accessorizing with a stunning pair of sunglasses and a sophisticated white gold necklace.

Finally, she strutted down the hallway while slapping her own butt as she walked the imaginary runway. She scrawled “DREAM BIG,” underneath the carousel.

Her 24.6 million Instagram followers were in a flurry of praise for her stunning appearance in the comments section. “This is stunning beyond belief.”

One admirer exclaimed, “I’m living for all your fashion looks lately!!” while another proclaimed her to be “the most beautiful woman on the planet!” “Whose taste is better?” A third thought, “Hm, I don’t think so.

Salma’s stunning physique comes from a surprising place. In a 2021 interview, she described the process she uses. Despite “how much mileage I put on my body, how much pressure and judgement I put on it, my body has been incredibly generous,” she remarked at the time to InStyle.

“I don’t think of myself as a hot tamale, but I know I’m not doing too bad for my age and the way I’ve lived.” And I attribute everything to meditation.

The practice, in her words, “makes you experience your body with a lightness that’s really delicious and satisfying.” By breathing and going inside, you discover your body in a new way and learn not to judge it.

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