That’s what the diet did to her! Victoria was horrified by thinness in new photos

The diet has that effect on her! Victoria was appalled by how thin the new photos were.

Victoria Beckham is well-known for more than just her clothing line. She also catches everyone’s eye with her incredible physique. She always appears flawless, and even at the age of 49, she maintains outstanding harmony. It seems that no star has ever been known to be out of shape.

David Beckham, Victoria’s husband, claims that the celebrity has eaten the same thing for 25 years and only consumes healthy cuisine. Fish on the grill and steamed vegetables are two of her favorite foods. She only ever strayed from the diet once, while she was carrying her daughter.

Victoria’s lifestyle in general merits consideration in addition to her food. Do you know what the renowned designer does for a living? Instead of coffee, she begins her morning with a green smoothie and two spoons of apple cider vinegar.

The celebrity runs after a light yet vitamin-rich breakfast and engages in a variety of other activities throughout the day, including yoga, fitness, group classes, and strength training in the gym. By the way, training begins at six in the morning.

Beckham maintains a healthy, happy, and consistently thin and light lifestyle thanks to it. On the other hand, it appears that the designer will soon begin purchasing clothing from the children’s sections.

The former “peppercorn” is wearing clothes in the most recent images that are definitely too big for her; in particular, the black trousers. They don’t fit properly around the groin and hips instead hanging like a bag and forming unsightly creases.

The diva has further reduced her weight, and it is clear from a casual glance that she did not have time to replace her clothing.

Of course, Victoria deserves respect and looks fantastic at 49. Fans of the star may soon bring up the issue of anorexia propaganda again if the celebrity keeps losing weight.

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